Cyberus brings together industry, business, and government to collaboratively create a secure digital future for Russia and the world

Goal 01

To create a new cybersecurity architecture

Through the combined cybersecurity industry, 
create a unified result measurement system and protection components to ensure cyber resilience today and in the future.

Goal 02

To make Russia the safest country in the world against cyber attacks

Build corporate-level сyberprotection, 
an architecture of industrial solutions
and scale the model to the state level.

Goal 03

To help other countries build a sovereign cybersecurity industry

Export Russia’s approach to cybersecurity transformation, which ensures true sovereignty on common principles, and to develop a free information technology market together with partner countries.

The industry collaboration is essential to counter cyber threats in today’s landscape and take the lead in a time of constant change

Public life, economics, and public administration are rapidly undergoing digitalization

x2,5 Forecasted growth in the Russian
digital economy by 2025

Globally, cyber threats are growing exponentially

$90 trillion Possible global losses from cybercrime by 2030

Russia has become a testing ground for cybersecurity verification and has been able to withstand a record number of cyber attacks

x46 Increase in cybercrimes
in Russia from 2014 to 2022,
over 500,000 incidents

Cyber attacks are having devastating effects on states, industries, companies, and individuals

In Russia, Presidential Decrees highlight the key role of cybersecurity in the national security strategy and the importance of globally promoting the industry

The principles on which Cyberus is based

All initiatives and projects of the foundation are implemented for the sake of a secure future for Russia and the world


Cyberus is an industry company and a tool for consolidating business, the cyberdefence industry and the state to achieve common goals that no one can achieve alone – to create, develop and own the result together

Result Measurement

Cybersecurity is built and developed on the basis of a generally accepted approach to assessing results, which is developed by the industry. The goals of protection are unacceptable events, and the impossibility of their implementation is expressed in money and is continuously verified by the best white hackers

Cyber Sovereignity 

The solutions created do not make people dependent, but ensure the ability for organizations and states to independently maintain and develop cyber resilience. If necessary, they allow for the attraction of the skills and resources of partners

Cyberus tackles industry‑wide challenges, to elevate a country’s cybersecurity into global leadership

Driver of Change

Cyberus engages the industry in the creation and development of a new cybersecurity model: methodology, products, and examples of results.

Unites participants to implement joint initiatives: infrastructure, regulation, education, popularization of cybersecurity and a new model for building 
a secure future.

Builds an export G2G product of the Russian cybersecurity industry
to help other countries reproduce the experience of creating
and continuously developing sovereign cyber defense with a single result measurement system.

Investment Holding

Cyberus is an industry company: Cyberus is being co‑owened by market participants (government, corporations, citizens), and at the same way
co‑owns the industry in order to reduce resistance between competitors for the sake of common goals.

Investing in companies developing products for new cybersecurity architecture. and accelerating technology development and implementation. Helps with the development, institutionalization of business and the growth of partners’ capitalization.

Facilitating investment cooperation to boost industry investments

Together, we are building a secure digital future

Cyberus seeks and supports like‑minded people and companies who are ready to invest in achieving common goals

Together, we are building a secure digital future

Cyberus seeks and supports likeminded people and companies who are ready to invest in achieving common goals